Going To Therapy Should Not Be Taboo

I am one of those people who generally tries to figure everything out on my own without asking for help. With that said, a few months ago I was experiencing a depression and I knew this was not something that would work itself out. I decided that therapy was a good decision and I asked my PCP for a referral.

When I talked to some of my friends about this, they started making jokes like I was doing something that was not that serious. In fact, I became something to snicker at for a couple of weeks. I am not sure why this is not something that is less taboo than most believe it is. The crazy thing is that the same people who were laughing could probably benefit from going to a few sessions themselves.

I have been seeing my current therapist for a couple of months now. She has helped me deal with the depression and anxiety in really effective ways. While this is not some kind of magic that made all of my bad feelings disappear, I am working through it in a really effective way.

She gives me homework during each session and I am trying my best to do all of it and glean all of the help I can get. I am not sure how long I will be attending sessions, but I am confident that I am ready to see all of this through until the end, regardless of how long that takes.

I wish that more people would be accepting of the idea of going to therapy. I think many people have substance abuse issues and all kinds of life problems because they cannot handle what is in their head. Maybe striking the tabll and seeking mental health assistance would be the best course of action.